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I have been writing weird fairy-tale flavoured novels since my late teens. Way back near the beginning, I did send one of these novels to a publisher. It was a terrible novel, and it was rejected, thank goodness, but after that, I lost my nerve for something like fifteen years. I wrote plenty of novels, but I stuck them all on dusty shelves and didn't send them to anybody. Only in my mid-thirties did I decide that enough was enough and start flinging my latest novel at people again. It took five years, but it was accepted by Tor Books in 2015 and is due to be released into the wild in the fall of 2017. I am very excited about it.

Since it's still early in the process, I don't really have links to anything. I'm a beginning author, so no one official has made any announcements. Eventually, there will be links and information and so on, but for now, this page is simply here to demonstrate that I write stuff.

The novel, which is currently called The House on Grosvenor Street (no one has said anything about changing this, but it's a weird title, so I'm being a bit cautious about it), is a YA fantasy--with some science-fictiony aspects--about a fourteen-year-old girl named Freddy, her stepbrother Roland, and her sister Mel. Freddy is having some issues with Roland, not to mention her own directionless anger and her increasing tendency not to fade into the background in school, but these ordinary problems are exacerbated when a scatterbrained woman named Cuerva Lachance and the acerbic teenager Josiah move in next door. Freddy finds herself bounced back and forth between the usual teenage crises and the less usual problems that arise when you live next door to people who are a bit too creepily interested in your family and who don't seem to be bound by the usual rules of common sense and/or physics. When Freddy and Josiah walk through Josiah's back door and find themselves in medieval Scandinavia, it becomes evident that the weirdness is only just beginning.

Current Writing
I am starting work on another book. I'm not going to say anything about it just yet because it's just getting started, and I have no idea if it's even going to work. However, since I've found myself with very little time for writing lately, I've decided to take on Debbie Ridpath Ohi's 250-words-a-day challenge, which stipulates that I must make an attempt to write at least 250 words a day at least six days a week. There are also 500-words-a-day and 1,000-words-a-day challenges, but I'm going for the teeny one simply because I know this is going to be an immensely stressful term, and I'm often not going to have very much time at all. If I write more than 250 words in a day, hurrah! If I manage only 250, that's fine too. At least I'll be writing something and not simply promising myself that I'll get back to the writing someday.
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